When I Look Down
Year of Creation: 2013 | Published: 2016-03-09 | Theme: Spirituality

I am an eagle,
soaring among the audacious clouds,
I meant to be there,
close to the Lord,
my eyes are sharp,
and my wings are strong,
my image is engraved in the people's songs.

I proudly look at human beings
from my point of view,
when the evolution
goes with their consciousness
shoulder to shoulder...
But what about the battlefields
in the name of God?
What about the lives,
dismantled by a question mark?

People have learned,
how to hail Heaven
through the churches and synagogues,
temples and mosques...
But it's sad, it is very sad,
when the nations
let their spiritual traditions
tear each other apart,
the world doesn't deserve
to go behind the steps of Time,
and to be ruled by the Demon,
instead of God.

Love has so many aspects,
so many turns,
and God is Universal
in my point of view,
when I look down
from the audacious clouds,
I see all nations,
gathering as one,
it takes my breath away
the beauty of the Earth...

Then, I strongly want to believe,
that human beings
belong to each other for the better,
not for the worse,..

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