To the beautiful eagle
Year of Creation: 2016 | Published: 2016-07-04 | Theme: Determination

From on high, between clouds,
She flies free without imagining
The softness of her strength
And all that she is able to perform

From on high, at the mountain summit,
She flies graceful without imagining
The difficulty of obstacles
And all that she is able to overcome

From on high, nearby from stars,
She flies determined without imagining
Courage that lives on her wings
And all that she is able to win

From on high, next to the sun,
She flies solidarity without imagining
The joy that her example gives
And all that she is able to share

From on high, welcomed by the moon,
She rests without imagining
That two new beautiful eagles
Are learning with her of the freedom of flying

To the beautiful eagle,
with her
pleasant aroma
of the clove
and cinnamon

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