Billie The Kid
Year of Creation: 2010 | Published: 2016-05-01 | Theme: Cowboy Billie

Billie the Kid
made himself famous
for his free, restless spirit
and unforgettable adventures
in the state of New Mexico.

His occupation: Outlaw.

He knew,
how to use his gun
on his enemies.
He reached his target
he couldn't afford
to miss it,
even sheriff Brady
couldn't escape his own fate,
because in Billie's mind,
Brady was just a corrupt,
bad guy,
who deserved to be dead,
so Billie killed him.

Billie the Kid
lost his life in Fort Sumner:
Duerme bien, Querido.

He took away
twenty one lives
in his twenty one years
of living
a century ago
in the state of New Mexico,
and the politicians still argue:
To rehabilitate or not to rehabilitate
Billie's name.

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