A Goldfish
Year of Creation: 2015 | Published: 2016-03-08 | Theme: loneliness

I am a goldfish, gliding gracefully through water,
Shrouded in a misty tulle, I swim in style,
Interwoven with soft diamond lights, forgotten,
I would frolic with sea anemones for miles.
My fins dance surrounded by gems of desire,
And my gills make sapphire bubbles full of charm.
Hearing whispers, I've been longing for a while,
Now I want to take the whole world in my arms.
In this paradise I am snacking on the sweet treats,
All within my mouth, entirely free of charge.
One thing bothers me, (can't feel completely free);
I've got one life and I live it in a tank.

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Magdalena P - 2016-03-08 17:32:03
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