Oliwa Day of Poetry in Gdansk, Poland


On May the 12th, 2018, the Oliwa Day of Poetry took place. Along the lanes of the Oliwa Park 460 boards with "Poetic Laundry" were hung on. They were poems by poets from Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot and the surrounding area, as well as from other parts of Poland and abroad.

At 10.00 opening ceremony was given by: the vice-president of the Pomeranian Regional Assembly - Ms Hanna Zych-Cisoń; the representative of the Joseph Conrad Voivodeship and City Public Library in Gdansk (organizer of the event) - Ms Barbara Meyer; the representative of the National Museum in Gdansk (co-organizer of the event), curator of the Ethnography Department - Mr. Waldemar Elwart; the president of the Hospice "Pomerania for Children" - Ms Ewa Liegman and the representatives of the Gdansk Poets' Club (the host of the event) - Ms Gabriela Szubstarska and Mr. Piotr Szczepański.

At 10.40 poets started reading their poems on stage. Then the audience could admire music of DUO SOPOT (prof. Elżbieta Rosińska - accordion and dr Anna Sawicka - cello). And again, the poets read their poems, and then the students of the Music Academy in Gdansk gave a concert.

Another point of the program was the auction of paintings and weaving miniatures donated by artists, also the works of participants of Occupational Therapy Workshops and books donated by poets. The income was for to the Hospice "Pomerania for Children".

Then, in the building of the Department of Ethnography of the National Museum, the promotion of the latest book by Sławomir Jerzy Ambroziak entitled "Memory" took place.

And once again in Oliwa Park music and poetry sounded - the audience listened to the concert of SEALENCIUM ORCHESTRA (Dariusz Wojciech Michalak and Katarzyna Dąbecka).

The last performance in the Oliwa Park was given by the broadcaster, songwriter and musician - Tomasz Olszewski who accompanied himself on the guitar.

The last point of the Oliwa Day of Poetry was Share your Poem Contest, which takes place in the Oliwa Library each May, starting from 2015. The jury consisting of: Iwona Jarentowska, Gabriela Szubstarska, Agnieszka Smugła, Piotr Szczepański and Zbigniew Trzebiatowski selected the winners of the 2018 competition.


"Poetic Laundry" dried up to May the 14th. Soon it is going to be presented in the yard of "Książnica Płocka" and in the "Bolek and Lolek" Club of the "Przymorze" Housing Cooperative.

The event attracted crowds of locals and tourists. Everyone could choose something tasty for themselves.

See you next year.


Sponsors of the event: the Gdansk Poets Club, the Joseph Conrad Voivodeship and City Public Library in Gdansk, the National Museum in Gdansk, Olivia Business Center, B52, Mc Donald's and Neptun Taxi. The official Portal of the City of Gdansk ( took the event over media patronage.


Earlier news


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The Gdansk Poets' Club (Gdański Klub Poetów) is a team of people who share love for poetry. It includes well known writers as well as beginning artists from Poland and abroad. Quite a few of them such as Agnieszka Smugla are active members of ePublisher community.


On February 23, during the meeting of the Board of the Lithuanian Association of Adult Education Daiva Malinauskiene presented projects SIH is being implemented at the moment - "ePublisher" was among them.