The Gdansk Poets' Club


The Gdansk Poets' Club (Gdański Klub Poetów) is a team of people who share love for poetry. It includes well known writers as well as beginning artists from Poland and abroad. Quite a few of them such as Agnieszka Smugla are active members of ePublisher community.

The team meets every first and third Thursday of the month at The Oliwa Library (Biblioteka Oliwska) - the branch of The Joseph Conrad Voivodeship and City Public Library in Gdansk. People share their texts and knowledge there. Every month they organize poetry evenings. The members of the club have already published three anthologies with the poems of the Club members and invited the guests: "Aspects 2016", "Love, or..." and  "Aspects 2017".

Moreover, the Club members regularly organize The Oliwa Poetry Day, where - among others - they hang "Poetic Laundry" (the sheets with the poems) in public space, there are bands presenting sung poetry and the poets read their poems on the stage. There is also a promotion of the latest poetic book of some Club members and during the event the Club team collects money for hospices. 

The last but not the least, the Gdansk Poets' Club members are the organizers of cyclical poetry competitions such as "Share-Your-Poem Contest" in May and "Fears Are Everywhere" in November and promote young talented people.

(The photos are from the archive of the president of the Club - Gabriela Szubstarska)

Earlier news


On February 23, during the meeting of the Board of the Lithuanian Association of Adult Education Daiva Malinauskiene presented projects SIH is being implemented at the moment - "ePublisher" was among them.


 On February 22, SIH director Daiva Malinauskiene and project manager Guste Ilgunaite met Lina Grudulaitė - a representative of Lithuanian “Caritas” Foreigners Integration Program - to discuss possible cooperation.


Project partner "Soros International House" presented ePublisher project during the biggest annual international educational fair in Vilnius, Lithuania on 8-10 February 2018.


ePublisher Poet of the Month Rimvydas Stankevičius and his poetry book "Šermuonėlių mantija" is among nominees on Yearbook Election in Lithuania.