I am a Troubadour
Year of Creation: 2015 | Published: 2016-03-09 | Theme: Melancholy

I don't have dreams about the dead.
I don't convoke them.
Let them hang in the clouds, as happy as white swans.
Sometimes I am a troubadour.
In my sleepless brain
I go through the memories of those who are gone.
Although trying to keep my dreams completely clear,
The dead are always with me.
Through sorrow to tears.
I don't dream about the perished.
Why to torment?
The emptiness is empty, see-through like a veil.
Nothing can fulfil it, life goes on like a mourner.
With a spider's thread you cannot stitch the broken rail.
“Bywam trubadurem” by Renata Cygan
Translated by RC

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