Year of Creation: 2020 | Published: 2020-05-22 | Theme: Remembrance

Low hanging clouds swept across a
windblown and barren landscape.
A stone cottage and a solitary tree stood as
monoliths on a rise overlooking this vast
It seemed impossible that anyone could occupy
the cottage given its isolation from humanity.
My curiosity aroused, I approached the cottage
expecting no sign of life.
Yet, I found her standing silently in the
doorway as if awaiting my arrival.
A downpour ensued and she beckoned for me
to enter the dwelling.
As the rain sounded on the roof our
conversation was limited, allowing me to take
in her beauty.
I regret that I spent only one rainy afternoon
with Elspeth and often wonder about her today.
As time passes this experience seems more a
dream than an actual occurrence.


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