Desert Lamentations II
Year of Creation: 2020 | Published: 2020-03-02 | Theme: Modern Living

I would rather spend time on this desert landscape
watching the clouds roll by overhead than try to
understand the roots of society spread out all over
the earth.

With all the distractions of modern society we are
losing sight of meaningful lifelong satisfactions and
good conversation.

There seems to be a select few who are attempting
to influence our lives with the assistance of
technology while leading us down pathways with
unknown or unfavorable consequences.

They are not keepers of the flock, but merely
interlopers who are gaining unwanted influences
over our lives through their covert actions.

Will these select few lead us into dark places from
which there is no return, and is it too late to turn
back from the courses many of us have taken?

It is up to us to determine where this digital future
is heading, and take appropriate action.


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