Desert Escape
Year of Creation: 2018 | Published: 2018-08-23 | Theme: Environment

It is hot out here and I am wandering around with no
destination in mind.
The sun beats down and the arid landscape sends up
shimmering waves.
Reflected heat has caused the atmosphere to fill with
the scent of wild sage.
A lone coyote slinks by and we immediately create a
silent bond.
The intense heat culls those who are fair weather
A lack of shade sends out a message that precautions
are a necessity or pay the price.
This forms an innate privacy for those who dare to take
on the risks of such an  environment.
For me, incurred advantages of being out here far
outweigh the chance of demise.
I have left the city life behind with all its noise and
hurrying bodies.
Yet, even here there are signs of civilization’s past
struggles on this parched earth.
Weathered wood and worn bricks litter the landscape,
sending a message of failure.
Hopefully, the past is not a sign of the future and the
silent landscape will last forever.

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