December ( to Ms. J. S. )
Year of Creation: 2013 | Published: 2016-04-02 | Theme: Departure

You accepted his pain
as your own. Now,
you close your eyes
and take a deep breath
in the noon's air.

December covers your body
with its cold attitude, and
nonexistence is gliding above
the melted candles, -
you hate to be betrayed.

You open your eyes
and gaze at the walls,
in their stucco you see nothing,
but tiny particles of nonexistence,
it's time to ask yourself
a few casual questions:
What am I going to do now?
What is my next step?

You must stay strong.
You must not think
about his empty-handed departure.
First, you try to discard
the reflection of grief,
no hope for a while,
just for a while,
the sensitive insensibility
is shining on your palms,
like a silver coin,
but you must stay strong.

You take a deep breath
in the noon's air,
wondering about his life,
left for you to describe,
and you do
graciously as you can
in two simple words:
Mr. Wonderful.

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