Poetry & Music Events Were Held in Social Care Homes in Lithuania


On 9 October 2020 famous Lithuanian actresses Gabriele Malinauskaite-Rudziene and Emilija Latenaite-Beliauskiene visited Utena Social Care Home and Antazave Children Social Care Home to present their sensitive music and poetry programme for the residents of social care homes. The programme was based on original songs written by G. Malinauskaite-Rudziene and poetry book 'Prayers from the Ark' written by Carmen Bernos de Gasztold. The events were very emotional, meaningful and great success.

The events were supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture.

First 12 photos were created by Marius Mačiulis.


Earlier news


On 28 August 2020 a traditional Poetry Evening 'Saulelydzio posmai' was organised in Taurage, Lithuania.


The poet Michal Zablocki was awarded with the UNESCO Krakow City Literature Award.


During the period of quarantine, the Lithuanian public broadcaster, Lithuanian Radio and Television (LRT), has created a project, called 'Karantino lyrika'.


Join 'Poets House'  event on Monday, March 30th, 10am, for week two with Dave Johnson to write a new poem in only 10 minutes!


On 23 January 2020 pianist Darius Mažintas and young-generation poet Egle Kirilauskaite will be meeting to create an interactive evening through poetry readings and piano compositions followed by a multi-layered discussion in Vilnius, Lithuania.