Fernando Miguel Alves Mendes
Poet's Self Presentation

Fernando Miguel Alves Mendes was born in August 1979, he is currently a professional library technician. He completed his studies in Local Government, in the Center for Studies and Training Council in Coimbra, and the technical and professional course in the Portuguese Association of Librarians, Archivists and Document in Amarante. He graduate in Art Studies, in the variant of Art and Heritage, in “Universidade Aberta”, and he is got a Masters Degree in Communication, Arts and Culture, in University of Minho.

Since 1997, he has published a set of books such as: Água, Ouro ou Sombra Que Seja (2000), Indícios de Uma Fé Temporária (2001), As Violetas Azuis do Dourado Monte Verde (2001), Na Ponta da Língua (2003), Essência do Desacerto (2011).