The Pond in the Woods
Year of Creation: 2018 | Published: 2018-04-06 | Theme: Environment and Thoughts

Evening is descending and tranquility reaches out
in all directions.
A cloudless sky is beginning to take on various
shades of lavender.
The day’s warmth is now dissipating into the
far reaches of space.
This peaceful pond is my refuge, unknown to those
left behind.
Several crimson and golden leaves drift on the
surface presaging the arrival of autumn.
Dreamlike mist begins to rise and shrouds
the distant shore.
A bubbling stream that feeds this pond can be
heard over this stillness.
In the woods two owls calling one another
carry on a mysterious conversation.
I am left alone to ponder the legends written
by those in the distant past.
These are prized moments that cannot be
taken away.

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